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BBQ Hack- Quick Way to Make a Non-Stick Grill

Updated: 2019-07-23 23:06 Views: 183

Now that the weather is working out more in our favor, I can foresee a lot of barbecuing in the coming months. And I’m excited! There’s nothing like that rich smoky flavor that you get from cooking your meat (and veggies!) on a grill as opposed to in the oven or stove. Despite the delicious food, the time spent outdoors and the socializing, there is an element that I do hate when it comes to grillingpersonalised mothers day gifts, and that’s the cleaning up. Oftentimes the meat or fish will stick to that grill—very stubbornly—and if you don’t get it off immediately, it’s basically stuck for life. And there is nothing worse than week old meat flakes ruining your next backyard dinner, or when you’re trying to flip your burgers but they fall apart because they’ve bonded to the metal.

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So there’s a quick, easy and natural hack that solves this problem in no time. And all you need is one of nature’s most versatile vegetable: the humble potato. Cut your spud in half and stab it with a fork for grip. Then, once your grill is sizzling hot, rub the fleshy part of the potato all over the grill, and voilà! Instant non-stick! The heat extracts the starch from the potato, and that’s what gives your grill that non-stick coating.

Love those outdoor BBQs? Happy grilling! Lifehack and video by?JohnsonInc999.

The essence of hosting is creating a space where people feel warm, welcomed, and invited. Setting a table with place cards is one small way to convey the message: “I saved a place for you.” If making creative place cards feels intimidating to you, good news — they don’t have to break the budget or be time intensive to be beautiful. Here are three easy ways to elevate any table this holiday season.

Might as well admit it, we all take selfies now and again. However, not all selfie artists are created equal, some people just have the knack for it. And some don’t. But fret not, all is not lost, because with a few of our selfie tips you too can be a star of the Gram! Want to learn how to take some Kardashian-tier selfies? Maybe you’re just getting started in your selfie adventure? Read on for some of our best selfie photography tips!

A few weeks ago, my dad decided to rip apart the existing portico on our home and build a new one. ?My parents have wanted to increase the size of the portico for a couple years. ?Throughout the years, my parents have added on to our home on numerous occasions tripling the square footage and the original one became dwarfed in the process. This isn’t the best picture below, but you can see the original one below.

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