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mothers day gifts from son Autumn Decorating Preview 2 - New Colour Trends funny cushion covers

Updated: 2019-09-29 09:29 Views: 140

A new season is a great opportunity to change the colour scheme in your home and to help transform the mood within each room. With autumn on the horizon, now is a good time to start thinking about the possibilities of colour change and to look at the hues that will set the scene in the autumn home.

We are going to be taking a look at three colour palettes that will be popular this autumn and give some advice and tips on how you can use them successfully.

retro cushion covers

The colours within our first palette are similar to those that we will see in the outdoors. Think of the leaves shifting colours from green to orange, red and gold. Think of harvest time - pumpkinsmothers day gifts from son, carrots and juicy red apples. Then there is the slow introduction to lighting the fire and watching the orange flames dance around whilst sipping a full-bodied red.

This colour palette is all about warmth from reds, oranges and golds. A dining room is a great place to change colour for the new season. After spending the summer dining alfresco, you will be spending more time eating indoors on hearty fare. Try a wine red on the walls or if you don't want a bold colour - a caramel hue will be more casual but just as scrummy! Use red and oranges together in fabric table runners and chair cushions. A new décor piece at the centre of the table would look stunning with a hint of gold.

More warm shades for our second colour palette, only this time we are using browns and dark greens inspired by the woods in early autumn. All shades of brown from taupe, chocolate to dark espresso will not only add warmth but sophistication when paired with green. Use a muted shade of green on the walls of your living space and bring in accessories with gold such as a gold framed mirror or table lamps UK.

This colour palette is a great alternative to using the bolder colours of autumn and will look good all year round when you pick out complimenting colours in curtains or cheap cushion covers. A brighter apple green is a wonderful accent colour to a rich chocolate brown and can be used in living rooms with dark furniture for a contemporary look.

Blue might not be your first choice to add warmth, but when used with other colours such as a rich brown, gold or accent red it can be a great look for tranquil spaces. The bedroom is one of these spaces that will welcome this look. Duck egg blue bedding is right on trend and is given warmth through the addition of brown curtains, bedside lampshades or pops of spicy red in pillows and floor rugs.

During the holidays your home inevitably becomes a revolving door of visitors, from the overnight kind to dinner guests. And why not? There’s no better time to reconnect with the people you love most. Set the tone with a cheery entry — and let your guests know they’re being welcomed with warmth. Keep reading for ideas on how to spruce up your entryway this holiday season.

A big thanks to Lifestyle Crafts for sponsoring this post, by providing supplies for the project. ?

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