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mothers day gifts from son DIY Sparkle Sneakers customized gifts for mom

Updated: 2020-03-09 08:02 Views: 110

Joann’;s Fabric &; Crafts emailed me with a challenge. ?Make a video to demonstrate a simple and easy craft that would inspire others to want to create! ?It’;s part of their Creativity Made Simple campaign and I just LOVE the idea behind it. ?It’;s all about inspiring others to carve out time in their day for a little creative time.;list=PLFmfBXEzoOPUTUudrW-msqzuDc0uXrb8g

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Personally I know that my creative time is one of the things that I think keeps me sane. ?It relaxes and energizes me. ?For my project, ?I decided to dress up a pair of simple sneakers. ?They are simple and inexpensive to make, and a fun little twist on a polka dot pattern.

With this challenge in mindmothers day gifts from son, I made a video. ?This is a first for me, and I’;ll admit the learning curve was a bit steep, but after a day or so I think I got the hang of it.

I was inspired by my kids. ?They are really into making stop motion video’;s on their iPhones, so I thought I’;d try to create the same look with a video. ? I’;m pretty happy with how it turned out. ?I hope you’;ll take a minute and watch it!

As a special thank you Joann’;s has included this printable coupon for you to through this weekend. ?Now, ?go forth and CRAFT!

?*Disclosure: I was compensated by Joann’;s Fabric &; Crafts to make this video. In the form of a gift card used to purchase supplies for the craft made. All opinions are 100% mine.?

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