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mothers day gifts from son HOW TO SELECT CURTAIN FABRIC floral cushion covers

Updated: 2019-12-02 12:12 Views: 145

Curtains play a large role in setting the tone for your decor. Too heavy, and they make a room feel dreary. Before you sit down to sew up new shades, curtains or drapes for your home, you need to pick the right fabric. Since the color, pattern and style of your fabric is a personal choice, we’re going to focus on the more objective side of selecting fabric—the function of the window treatment.There is a lot to consider when selecting a fabric for window treatments. You want to think about the style of curtain, the dé;cor of the room, and the function of the window treatment.

When choosing window treatments for your homemothers day gifts from son, one of the most important aspects to consider is the fabric. Check out the following curtain fabrics so you can decide which window treatments best match your decor and needs.The type of fabric affects how curtains hang and drape, as well as the texture, coverage, durability, and ease of laundering.

retro cushion covers

One of the first considerations for curtain fabric should be the amount of light the room gets and whether you want to let the light in or block it out? If you want to block out light, try a heavy fabric with a tight weave or a blackout curtainfabric. You can even back a lighter fabric with a blackout fabric if light blocking is your top priority.

Different fabric types

Choosing the fabric type is a good place to start as each has its own benefits and best uses.

Cotton - versatile, suits traditional or modern styles, must be lined for good drapageLinen - natural fibre, creates an airy, casual, relaxed environmentVelvet - great light-blocking and insulating properties, perhaps a tad on the old fashioned and extravagant sideVoile - best used as sheers, creates a light, airy ambience while still allowing privacy Silk - luxurious but not very functional and prone to damage easilyPolyester - a very common choice, durable, affordable, easy to care for, however not good for airflow and it absorbs odoursAcrylic - similar texture to wool, lightweight, drapes beautifully, good insulation, hypoallergenic and resistant to mould and mildewLace - Lace is a very sheer fabric, so curtains made from this material tend to diffuse natural light and offer an open, airy feel Thermal - If you live in a chillier climate, thermal curtains could be a great option for your home. These are often made of heavier materials such as polyester or cotton.

At Deco Window we understand how important it is to get the design of your room right, and how important it is that your curtains complete the look; that is why we have a huge supply of curtain fabricavailable that you can choose from, that we can then use for our made-to-measure curtain service so that we can get your curtains just right. If you are looking to update your room or complete a design, take a look at our fabric finder and find the perfect style.

Today we take a look at ways to bring a touch of the orient into your living room. As we discussed yesterday the colour scheme for the Year of the Black Water Dragon is predominately oceanic blues and greens, red, black and gold, with stripes to create dynamic interiors that will suit all styles of interiors with a little tweaking and emphasising the room's focal point.

From the 12th – 15th April designers from around the globe will give us the best of their designs. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome designs that have already made their mark on the design world this year.

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