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mothers day gifts from son Metal Bed Frames funny cushion covers

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The serious task of bed purchasing should never be a hasty decision. Considering that the average person will spend 1/3 of their life in the feathers it really should be the most comfortable, well suited investment you can make.that’s if you want to catch the Zzz’s. So shop around, see what will suit you and the space it will be going into, but most importantly take your time, don’t rush into any know.just sleep on it J.

Ahem, anyway bad jokes aside the bed will always be the central feature of the roommothers day gifts from son, after all that’s what the room was named after! Therefore it’s not solely about comfort as the bed will dictate the style and overall look of the space. These days it’s Metal Bed Frames that are becoming increasingly popular. They are strong, sturdy and able to take all the bed jumping or any other vigorous activities you might throw at them. They are extremely versatile and can compliment all decors and styles you are trying to achieve.

retro cushion covers

Metal Bed Frames have been around for 100’s of years. Traditionally made from wrought iron, ‘wrought’ meaning shaped, and were popular throughout the Victorian Era. These were handmade, highly detailed and exquisitely finished works of art with the headboards being a feature in their own right. As a result of the high standard they were finished to, antiques can often be found in pretty much perfect condition today giving your room a classic feel.

Wrought iron beds, often found in there black state are bold and dramatic dominating the room. The styles are influenced and inspired by the fashions and arts of the time including Art Deco, classic and Gothic. Gothic, with its arches, Fleur de Lys finials and strong structured design has a theatrical air. This is best placed in a neutral room, where its presence will create a greater impact.

Cast Iron Bed frames have a similar visual appearance as wrought iron, but because it is formed by pouring metal into casts it loses some of the high quality detail. The result being, it is more economical to make and therefore to buy. Again designs are plentiful and varied and the frames are sometimes painted in ivory or cream with details highlighted in gold, giving the space a softer more romantic appearance. Coupled together with ornate mirrors and lamps and as many elegant cheap cushions the bed can hold, an elegant French style room will emerge.

Ultra modern bed frames are of course what people are used to seeing these days. Sleek, smooth forms perfectly suited to the minimalist look and available in gun metal grey, chrome and pretty much any colour you can imagine. They are very economical being made from rolled steel and although they usually come flat pack for at home construction, it means the worry of fitting a pre made bed through a small apartment door is gone. The simple lines enhance the airy light feeling of a modern look and being on legs they increase the feeling of space as well as creating an extra storage area that is always needed in a bedroom.

Whichever bed you choose just make sure the mattress is of high quality and the duvet is suited to the season. Throw on some fabulous Duvet Sets and you will be ready for a brilliant night’s sleep.

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