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mothers day gifts from son New Bedding for Anna Grace’s Room customized rustic pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-23 22:33 Views: 157

We all know that a promise is a promise?and no matter how busy life gets, we certainly keep our promises to our children. Gina is no different,?and she?promised her daughter Anna Grace that her bedroom would be painted by the time school started –; and Gina delivered the goods!

Creating a perfectly restful environment, these cool colors?are right on trend and so?right for a good night’;s sleep!? Now the freshly painted room is?just waiting for the new Pine Cone Hill bedding and we need your help to make the perfect selection for AG.

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Gina has narrowed down her selection to three adorable optionsmothers day gifts from son, but we’;d like to know which one you think would be the best in AG’;s room.?Because there are so many cute patterns and accessories, pillows, dust ruffles and?panels, choosing bedding can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.?Our talented staff offers the best in customer?service and can help you make your personal selections.?See for yourself HERE?what Pine Cone Hill has to offer!

CHOICE #1Tweetie –; is our sunny, graphic, full-of-fun floral duvet in lemon, lime, aqua, and periwinkle. Knife edge; hidden-button closure.

CHOICE #2Louisa (white) –; A dressed-up version of a cotton duvet cover, with appliqued strips and embroidered detailing at the hem. 3″; ruffle on 3 sides, hidden-button closure.

CHOICE #3Ume Pink –; We’;re head over heels for this dreamy, romantic botanical design on a smooth cotton sateen duvet cover. Piped edges.

Thanks for making this fun! We’;ll let you know what the verdict is soon!

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