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mothers day gifts from son Perfectly Written Place Cards with Cricut Explore Air! personalized wedding gifts

Updated: 2020-02-26 23:01 Views: 102

Happy Monday! So happy to be back with another post in partnership with one of my favorite craft brands, Cricut! I've been so excited to create some DIY wedding projects using this awesome machine. In celebration of wedding season rapidly approaching, I've partnered with Cricut to put together a super simple DIY project that you can create for your big day!

I decided to put together a table setting that is lovely and rustic chic! I love this simple table setting with a burlap table runner, and a burlap wrapped vase filled with faux lavender. (Isn't it gorgeous?) I decided to push my Cricut Explore to its fullest potential by creating a project that shows off the features of Print Cut, Scoring AND writing with a pen! The end result is a simple but chic place card that is customizable for any wedding theme.

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Want the look of hand-written calligraphy or even just classic handwriting, but don't have the best penmanship? Did you know that the Cricut Explore Air can actually write with a pen or marker? Now ya do! There are a variety of markers and pens to use with your Cricutmothers day gifts from son, so you can create all sorts of amazing projects. For this project, I designed a darling place card in Illustrator and saved it as an SVG. To make the project you'll need to download the file via the button below:

Download the Placecard File

Log into Cricut Design Space and upload the place card file, and place it in your document. The file is designed with layers that you can manipulate in Design Space. Once you place it in, you'll want to select the artwork and “;UnGroup”; it by clicking the button at the bottom of the right sidebar.

Set the layer with the diamonds to “;Print”; instead of cut. You can feel free to select the color of your choice as well– you aren't restricted to using only purple as I've designed! Pick the color that matches your theme.

Then you'll want to set the white background of the cards to “;Print”; (also feel free to change to the color of your choice!) Then you'll select your diamonds and your white background and click the “;Flatten”; button at the top of the right sidebar. This will make the diamonds and background all one layer so that it doesn't try to cut out the diamonds themselves.

Then you'll want to set the horizontal score lines to “;Score”; rather than cut. This will create lines so you can fold your cards easily. Once that's done, you can select each of the three remaining layers, and “;Attach”; them together. This tells your Cricut to treat this project as something that shouldn't be separated.

From here you can start adding your text! Place the names of your guests in the blank white space at the bottom half of each place card. Then place the table number within the center of the diamonds. You can use the little crosshairs in your text tool to help you center each piece of text.

Note about fonts: You'll want to choose a font that “;Has a Writing Style”; in Design Space for the best results. I chose to use the basic Cricut Alphabet font since it is free, but you can choose any writing font you like as they are all very affordable! So if you're looking for the look of calligraphy, you can choose a script font to use for your place cards.

Once you've placed all your table numbers and names, you can then attach all the text layers together, along with the place card layers. This connects everything together so your Cricut will know to create your project just as it appears on your screen! Be sure to double check your layers to make sure they are all set to the write action, be it Print, Score, Cut, or Write!

Once your file is ready, click GO and print your place cards. Then place the printed page onto a cutting mat and insert it into your Cricut Explore Air.

Make sure your scoring stylus is in and click the GO button on your machine. Your machine will cut and score your place cards. When it's done, your machine will pause to allow you to place your pen into the accessory clamp on your machine. Once you've got your pen in, press GO again!

Then your?Cricut will use the pen to write onto the place cards the names and table numbers of your guests!

Once the machine is done, remove the mat and peel the cards from it gently. You will easily be able to fold the cards in half along the score line, while the diamond shape pops out of the top. SO cute!!

You'll want to repeat the process until you complete place cards for each person on your guest list. Make sure to change the table numbers on each of the pages to suit the tables at your wedding! This process is a bit tedious if you have a large number of guests you need to make place cards for, but it can definitely be worth it, especially if you're going for a more traditional calligraphy look and can't afford to hire a professional!

I just love how the purple diamond picks up the purple lavender sprigs! PS —; can you believe this Lavender is faux? You can get it on Amazon from a seller called Good Grace!

I hope you love the way these turned out as much as I do!! I also hope they inspire you to pick up your own Cricut machine – the possibilities of what you can do with it truly are endless! See some of my other Cricut Posts here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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