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mothers day gifts from son Stylize Your Windows, Decorate Your Home floral cushion covers

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Turn the windows of your living room and bedroom into the focal point of your home by beautifying them with the perfect curtains, valances, trimmings and curtain rods. Buying extravagant windows for the complete house is not a feasible option alwaysmothers day gifts from son, however, changing bits and pieces here and there can make the windows attractive and central to your room’s decoration.


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In decorating your home windows, curtains will always play a central role. While buying curtains it is essential to keep in mind the color of wall paint and texture and the type of furniture housing the room. If the room paint is dark opt for soft color curtains, and preferably plain. But if the room is painted with lighter hues, you can play around with bold prints and dark colors. Mixing patterns can also be a unique solution. Opt for double curtain rods and mix and match curtains with lighter and deeper tones or plain and printed fabric. Likewise, sync or contrast the curtains with the room furniture. You can blend your contemporary furniture with traditional floral patterns or spice-up using different geometric patterns.


Sometimes plain curtains with neat valances can also change the look and feel. Valances being a traditional norm can maintain the theme of a room with old-style furniture. It also adds elegance and grace. Valances can be an ideal addition to your living room curtains. For adding warmth and privacy to your bedroom windows you can explore colorful blinds. Stylish yet simple, blinds can go with every type of interior and on every window. These can be put both outside and inside of a window.

However, if your budget doesn’t permit changing curtains of the entire house to enhance the look of existing ones using colorful tiebacks or elegant trimmings. You can also simply change the curtain rods and curtain brackets. Decorate and embellish the windows with these simple and budgeted additions and dramatize your home.

Decorate Your Home with Stylish Curtains

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It’s time for New Year’s resolutions! The perfect time to get started on going green and natural and providing a healthy environment for you and your family – an environment free of toxic, or potentially toxic, chemicals. But embarking on such a journey can be confusing; you may have already experienced the let down of buying something that is labeled ‘green’, ‘natural’, ‘eco’, or ‘non-toxic’, only to find out that there’s very little difference between that product and its toxic competitors. That kind of marketing is now known as ‘greenwashing.’

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