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mothers day gifts from son Successful Home Accessorising funny cushion covers

Updated: 2019-12-03 22:01 Views: 206

Adding accessories in your home is a great way to stay on trend without the need for constant redecorating. For a relatively low cost, they really do give a finished feel to any scheme. Accessories can mean anything from statues to clocks to cushions and can be tricky to get right so here are my top tips for success in accessorising your home-

Relate your wall art to its surroundings. Placing frames directly above sofas and sideboards will create a unified feel.

family pillow cover

In small spaces try to maintain a continuous theme or colour scheme to avoid crowding.

Use period accessories like clocks, rugs, wall art or soft furnishings rather than furniture to create a period theme on a budget. Various materials will do the same job, silk curtains and cushions will add an Eastern feel to a neutral room.

Create a formal feel on the mantle or on shelves with a symmetrical composition of ceramics and candles. Go asymmetrical for a more relaxed look.

Create an eclectic vibe by mixingmothers day gifts from son, ornaments from different cultures or periods. Bringing back items of interest from your holidays or picking up unusual bit and bobs from junk and antique shops will make for a much more interesting and personal space.

Remember to add items of personal relevance to add warmth to rooms. A family photograph in sepia finish, housed in an ornate frame, has both sentiment and material beauty.

Place mirrors so they reflect something beautiful. Use them to add dimension, expand space or reflect light in a room.

Add real warmth and texture by including wooden accessories such as carved statues.

Place coloured glass or ceramic ornaments in front of light sources (- window sills, in front of candles, backlit display cases) to make the most of the colours.

Instruments such as guitars or violins make really interesting alternatives statues and wall art.

If you are worried about a cherished rug being spoiled through wear and tear, why not hang it up as a wall tapestry?

When positioning the height of your artwork, remember that is there to be appreciated for its own compositional value rather than just part of the scheme of the room. With this in mind, hang all art so that the middle of each piece is at eye level so that it is easily viewed.

Don’t display your lotions and creams on the bedroom dresser, instead, store them in a decorative case.

Keep lots of candles in stock. They are the cheapest and most effective way to create a warm atmosphere in a room or to simply add interest to a dining room table or some shelving

You are not a bookworm, you are wise and well read so rather than hiding your books away, display them proudly, by creating a feature wall of shelving filled with impressive literature- hide anything that begins with “My story by” and ends in the name of a reality T.V. star.

This year’s Slipper Boot Design Contest was a huge hit – both with the kids who submitted their amazing works of art, and with everyone here at the Garnet Hill offices who got to enjoy them.

Welcome back to Week?3 of the?Radiant Splendor Supersized Quilt-along. During Week 1, we discussed your Fabric Selection, Fabric Requirements, and Cutting Instructions. During Week 2, we assembled our block units. This week we are going to assemble our quilt top and finish our quilt.

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