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personalised mothers day gifts Ask The Designer- SS17 Trend ‘Secret Garden’ pillow covers floral

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My Mum is a horticulturist, so me and my little brother were brought up around plants and flowers and played in a garden that can only be described as our own private ‘Eden’.

We didn’t even realise how lucky we had been until we became adults, and began trying to build a similar paradise around our own homes! Of course we still get lots of help and advice from Mum, but having a garden as beautiful as hers, really is a full time job.

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Recently I have been distressed to read about the plight of British wildlife. The birds, animals and insects I grew up taking for granted are disappearing from our gardens, and this makes me sad. Our Secret Garden story recalls a nostalgic time when the English country garden would have been verdant and bustling with life. I hope we can raise awareness of how to help the survival of our erstwhile garden inhabitantspersonalised mothers day gifts, whilst offering our customers the opportunity to surround themselves with a little bit of nature’s charm in the meantime.

The main patterns and delightful characters of this theme are all created in house by our talented textile artist, Emma. I love the way that Emma has captured the vulnerability of the creatures with the watery technique she has used to apply her colours. The palette centres around the myriad of greens found in nature, so we were delighted to hear recently, that Pantone have announced green as the colour of the year!

Personally, I am not a big fan of bold flowery prints in my living room and prefer to mix texture and colour to create an all year-round scheme, which I can update from time to time with soft accessories, seasonal plants and fresh flowers supplemented with faux stems. So for me and other like-minded decorators, we always include some lovely plain and?semi-plain designs in our curtain collections. The Trellis Curtain offers me just the right amount of pattern to set the scene, whilst allowing for an abundance of pattern and?life on my rug and?cushions. Of course, not forgetting the ultimate trend accessory – the accent armchair – which this season MUST be moss green velvet.

The back of my house gets all the light in the afternoon, so there will be more plants in the dining room and kitchen as they tend to flourish there. The closer I get to my back door, the more inclined I am to bring the outdoors in, with an emphasis on brighter colours and more pattern. Here I would happily decorate with the Wisley collection, which features on a wide range of products from linen curtains to dinnerware.

Upstairs I prefer a calm mood, and like to create a lighter and slightly more feminine atmosphere – preferably with fresh white bedding. However, we do have very spoiled dog who is accustomed to jumping up on the bed, muddy paws or not! Therefore an easily washable bedspread in a forgiving colour is a must, so one of my favourite pieces from this collection is the Lace Edge Plum bedspread.

Since we had our daughter I have long since given up on having a neat &; tidy home, but I am lucky enough to have some help with the cleaning these days. One thing I cannot let go of is the need to have a spotlessly clean bathroom – and for me, the best way to be sure it’s clean, (aside from constantly nagging the rest of the family to wipe things after use!) is to stick to white, white &; more white. Green is a lovely clean colour to accent white in the bathroom as it’s somehow fresh and zesty in the morning as well as being calming in the evening, when I need to relax and chill out. Our new Green Leaves towel is a great way to keep a fresh look whilst eliminating any danger of the room feeling clinical, of course, with the addition of more greenery such as ferns and succulents.

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Happy Monday!! We woke up to snow! I am sooo not ready for this after last years “polar vortex”. The kids are all off of school today and I can’t think in my 20 years living in Kentucky of a time that we’ve ever had a snow day BEFORE Thanksgiving. I hope this is not a sign of things to come! Hopefully winter is coming early so that it can high tail its way out-of-town early too.

I flew to Rhode Island with both babies last month. I was scared. I asked for lots of advice. People were so helpful.

Turn an unloved sweatshirt into this handy shopping bags in less than an hour!

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