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personalised mothers day gifts DIY Daisy Wreath Tutorial custom anniversary gifts

Updated: 2020-01-18 07:34 Views: 132

I was strolling through Michaels and suddenly decided I needed all the items to make a DIY Daisy Wreath!?I’;m usually not a silk artificial flower kind of gal, but there was just something about those daisies.

I figured I could just slide the daisy stalks into a grapevine wreath to keep it simple and quick. I like simple and quick…; like my DIY Distressed Gold Leaf Terracotta Pots, if something takes too long, I’;ll lose interest. How hard could a daisy wreath be, right?

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I like itpersonalised mothers day gifts, especially when it’;s as simple as I predicted. Unlike my DIY Indian Corn Wreath I made for my Fall Porch…; that ended up causing me a few headaches. I like throwing together a new wreath for my front porch and I knew a daisy wreath would look fantastic with my door!

So, there I was at Michaels looking at all the artificial flowers. Grabbing this, grabbing that…; boy those buckets of flowers are pokey.

I find my daisies, the grapevine wreath and?was excited to get home to make my DIY Daisy Wreath…; but I was at Michaels, which requires a walk down every aisle just to make sure you don’;t need anything else. ??

I’;m happily pushing my cart and felt something on my finger…; I casually look down and my whole hand and finger are covered in blood. The coupon I was carrying…; that someone handed to me as I walked in, was covered in blood, but dang…; I was still using it. (in hindsight, I’;m sure I could have used my phone app coupons too! DOH!) Luckily, I am the safety mom with about 1000 bandaids in my purse. So I ducked into the restroom, washed up and applied a bandaid…;?and went back to shopping. I looked my daisies over to make sure I didn’;t ruin them and they were fine! Whew!

While checking out, I told the girl I had cut my finger on the silk flowers and my coupon was a bit ruined…; she looked horrified, thinking I was going to make her touch the coupon or sue them…;. then quickly handed me the waste basket. She ended up giving me a better deal with some coupon code she had! YAY!

So be careful?the next time you get excited in Michael’;s.

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If I get sick of it, I can just pull all the daisies out and make a different wreath!

I was right! It looks better than fantastic against my red door! Now that mine is done, I found that my friend Ann from On Sutton Place has a fantastic Easy Daisy Wreath tutorial. We both basically used the same method, but I like her daisies better, they have more greenery.

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