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personalised mothers day gifts Headed Outside- Suzanne Kasler’s Spring 2016 Collection funny cushion covers

Updated: 2020-01-19 20:02 Views: 140

When the weather warms, it’;s time to move the party outdoors. Luckily, our design partner, Suzanne Kasler, spent the winter sweating the details to ensure her summer collection had all the right elements to turn a bland backyard into a great spot for lounging and entertaining. We got together with Suzanne to chat about getting those details right.

Ballard Designs: How do you get your outdoor spaces ready for spring?

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Suzanne Kasler: Getting my yard ready is a huge focus for me this time of year. There are always a few things that died over the winter, so it’;s a good time to freshen up your beds by putting in new plants. And you’;ve got to get all your potted plants back up and going. The payoff is when everything begins to bloom. I also like to update my outdoor furniture with a few new pieces and change out my cushions and pillows for an updated look.

BD: People looking for new outdoor pieces will have plenty to choose from with your new spring/summer collection. Let’;s start with Versailles, your new seating collection. It’;s wicker with a twist.

SK: I wanted a modern look with a softer edge, so I chose this very tight, very chic woven wicker that looks custom. I think this is a great transitional style that works with any style home. I love the lines of this collection —; the soft curves on the armchairs and that clean skirt on the side chair. There’;s also a sectionalpersonalised mothers day gifts, which is very popular right now. These pieces are versatile for any space.

BD: There’;s something about wicker that is so timeless. And we love the addition of a rocking chair —; it’;s almost a throwback.

SK: I remember we had this great wicker collection with a rocking chair for years and years. We loved that chair!

BD: Let’;s talk tables. You’;ve added a variety of styles, including dining, coffee and side tables. Why is that?

SK: For seating and entertaining, you need lots of tables, but I don’;t like to have everything matching. The great thing is that the different collections all work together, so it aligns nicely with my concept of design, which is more of a collected look rather than having everything match. You can create a great foundation with any of my outdoor seating collections and then add in any of these pieces or even your own.

BD: So, for example, your Lourde Coffee Table mixes in well here with your Versailles.

SK: Exactly. We’;re mixing in a different texture with this black aluminum, and it has this beautiful diamond detail. It also looks great with the teak and zinc of my Orleans Collection. ?

BD: You introduced a coffee table and round dining table in the Orleans, and you added this very pretty Mosaique Table to the Directoire Collection.

SK: I love both tables. The Mosaique?Table has a marble top and has this really pretty detail. It gives a little bit of the bohemian Moroccan look that everyone loves right now. And that cream colored top really lightens up the collection.

BD: The most striking table addition is the Bon Bon Table. It has this unexpected shape —; and you brought your orange outdoors.

SK: The funny thing is, I found the original vintage table in orange. It was painted this bright orange, and I thought it was so fun and appealing. It also comes in a dark chocolate and white finish. It has this great shape with a glass top, and it’;s easy to move around, so when you go over to your lounge chairs, you can bring the table. You need little tables like this, so you always have a place to put your iced tea or book. And like I said, they mix in so well with everything else.

BD: You’;re known for your beautiful accents indoors, and now you’;ve brought a few outdoors, like your Volcanic Ash Spheres.

SK: I love using architectural elements and stone textures outdoors. They’;re great on the ground, such as in a flower bed or on gravel, or you could put them on a tabletop. They just add that extra little detail.

BD: Even your Umbrella Stand has your signature tailored style.

SK: I love that about it. It just blends in, which is what you want with an umbrella stand. It’;s very weighted and works great with the Directoire Collection, or you can use it with the wicker.

BD: You have a new Sunbrella fabric this year.

SK: I love to build upon a neutral foundation, just as I do in any room, so I always include neutral cushions with my seating collections. Then, you can add any accent color you want with pillows and change the look from season to season. This year I chose a subtle stripe in spa and taupe, but you could really add any color you want. The great thing about these collections is that they’;re all interchangeable with Ballard cushions, so if you wanted to go bold with your cushions, you could. It completely changes your whole look, so it’;s an easy way to update.

Thanks for talking to us about your outdoor collection, Suzanne!

Learn more about Suzanne Kasler, or find all of Suzanne Kasler’;s outdoor furniture pieces from Ballard Designs here.

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