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personalised mothers day gifts Heart Stenciled Doormat custom anniversary gifts

Updated: 2020-01-19 23:52 Views: 96

As a Creative Team Member for Lowes, we are giving a challenge each month. This month I chose Valentine Decor out of our options and made a Heart Stenciled Doormat.

Some months are better than others when it comes to my project and how I think it’;s going to turn out and how it actually does.

pillowcase baby

One of my first projects was redoing my son’;s room. I am happy to say it was recently chosen as part of The Best of HOUZZ 2014.

You can see the Cool Bedroom for Boys here and learn more about my amazing friend who told me to step out of the way so he could design. I did a COUPLE of things…;..I wasn’;t completely useless.

Which brings me to my latest project –; My Valentine Doormat. (let’;s not compare the two, ok?)

I wanted to stencil one of those grass type doormats, but decided on the dark gray. Which was MUCH harder to spray paint redpersonalised mothers day gifts, especially in the dead of winter when it’;s snowing. But I did it and it’;s perfect for Valentine’;s Day and the current weather. It’;s a bit more industrial for absorbing wetness, which I really needed for this month. With my muddy pawed pup and my teen son, mud is hard to keep out of the house. ?Yes, we wipe her feet and yes, my son takes off his shoes. It’;s just part of living in the Pacific NW.

Items needed:

I made my own stencil from poster board. I folded it in half and drew half a heart and cut. The only problem was the crease. I laid the stencil down on top of my doormat and used a few pieces of wood I found in the garage to hold it taut.

I applied about 4 coats of paint, letting it dry between each coat. Of course I chose to do this during the worst storm we’;ve had…;. ?I thought the paint would NEVER dry.

?A little paint bled and feathered, but I sill like it. It’;s for muddy shoes anyway, right? I could always call it my bleeding heart doormat.

Because I know some of you will want to know.

For creative ideas, sign up for the Lowe’;s Creative Ideas Newsletter. They also have a pretty cool app that brings creative ideas and answers to your finger tips.

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I am compensated with gift cards for my time and to purchase needed items. All opinions are mine.?

Every now and then, I like to share a loved post from the past.? Some are 3, 4, and even 5 years old (wow, has it been that long?)…..but are such fun projects to make.? I revive my old tutorials all the time for myself and pull up the instructions on how I made something, so I can make it again.? And even though some of you may remember this, many of you are new around here…….so today’s post, is an oldie but goodie!!?

It’s a New Year and that means, inspire yourself to try something NEW!

When it comes to decorating your home very last place that is actually decorated is normally the hallway, it is a fact that was most people spend time and money decorating other rooms in the home, the entrance hall is normally overlooked. The entrance hall is the opening to your house and the way it is decorated will say something not only about you but your home as well.

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