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personalised mothers day gifts Men Pay Attention- Look Smashing From Scruffy With 5 Important Tips pillow covers floral

Updated: 2019-12-03 05:55 Views: 481

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You’ve been doing everything right – working hard in the office, getting along famously with your bosses and treating your juniors with (relative) respect. Yet, when it comes to that all-important meeting with the big boss, someone else has been chosen over you. Or, let’s look at another scenario: You’re good-looking, intelligent (again, relatively)personalised mothers day gifts, and know how to treat a woman well, yet, it seems like you’re always the last one to score with the ladies.

What’s wrong with you!? Maybe it’s the way you present yourself! Being unkempt has always turned people off – and if you think it’s tough to look dapper all the time, we’re here to prove to you that that is not the case. Read on below to find tips on how to go from scruffy to dapper in just 10 minutes.

Tip 1

Always keep a blazer handy – You never know when you may be called in to meet clients or have to jet off to an important meeting. And you don’t want to end up looking like something the cat dragged in. To avoid this, keep a blazer in a basic colour like black, navy or beige in your desk drawer at all times, so you can quickly put one on and look like the smart businessman you really are. Again, nothing quite as terrible as an ill-fitting blazer, so make sure it fits well around the waist and shoulder (get it tailored!), and yes, blazer’s need have only ONE button buttoned. (Warm weather? Go for linen!)

Tip 2

Pick hair wax that works for you. For times when you just don’t have the time, some hair wax can be the best thing. Tame fly-aways and look as un-neanderthal as possible! This can be especially handy for that dinner date, or for when meeting her parents. Remember men, neat is nice.

Tip 3

Invest in an electric shaving kit – If you have to go someplace right after work or even during work hours, an electric shaving kit can be quite the gift to yourself. A tidy way to shave? Who would have thought, yes? Jacob Schick, that’s who. Add to that some face washing and moisturising, and you’re as good and shiny as new!

Tip 4

Dress up your look with the help of a wristwatch – Whether you’re going for a formal event or a casual night out, a watch will complete your look and take it up a notch. A steel or leather belt works great for formal occasions like a work dinner or party. And you can grab an eye-catching coloured strap that goes with your t-shirt and jeans if you’re going to watch a game with friends, or going for just a casual dinner with your girlfriend.

Tip 5

Get a change of shoes – Nothing speaks more of a man’s taste than his footwear, and hair (but we took care of that). Make sure you keep an extra pair of shoes (and socks) in your desk drawer for sudden emergencies. Blacks or brown formal leather shoes (lace ups) are a given, assuming that’s what one wears to work. Just keep a pair of loafers and/or moccasins depending on your style (moccasins have a flatter sole) at your disposal for that after work escapade, and you’ll be all right, my friend.

Follow these tips, look great, and take care of yourself. (Also, never ever wear your floaters with socks!)

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