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personalised mothers day gifts Men Vs Women & the Manly Art of Treading Carefully funny cushion covers

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Years of sexism in the workplace also has a lot to do with which area of design a man or woman tends to work in. The cavemen of yesteryear probably allowed the women to design things they felt were of less importance (like textiles) as they had bigger concerns like engineering and welding and other things involving a macho mix of brains and brawn. Brains<;brawn. If you look at the history of fashion and textile design, you will notice how the amount of male designers cheekily increases as they timeline makes its way towards 2009- as if, realising the importance of these areaspersonalised mothers day gifts, men at some point said “move over love, let me take a look at that”!

Some say that the male “god complex” and their inability to give birth is the reason for their dominance of architecture- man must make his mark and all that. Women are apparently smugly satisfied by the fact that they can create without the need for bricks and mortar.

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We have learned something very important here today, but it has little to do with design. Men are skilled creatures indeed- that is, when it comes to neatly side stepping heated discussion.

Look! What’s that behind you.?

If you live in weather like Wisconsin's, you better ski. If you ski in weather like Wisconsin's, you better have a full head ski hat and mask to avoid frostbite. After searching for ski hat and mask to buy, the only things I found aren’t quite right. I decided to make them myself for my daughter and my husband who go cross country and downhill skiing a lot in Wisconsin's long winter. I want the hat and mask to cover the full head, allow them to see well, allow them to wear prescription glasses, allow them to breathe without moisture condensation at nose and mouth positions, allow my daughter to wear horse tail outside the hat so her hair doesn't tickle her neck. In this instructable, I'll show how I accomplished that through trial and error.

Make a splash, wiggle your toes in the sand, and soak up the sun. These round towels make the perfect sidekick for all things summer. Our personalized round beach towels are perfect for lazy days by the pool, at the waterpark, or on the beach. Find your towel instantly on a crowded beach by adding your initials.

Over the years, Carousel Designs has supported foundations and research organizations that work toward finding cures for illnesses that afflict our children.

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