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personalised mothers day gifts My Favorite Funny Pregnancy Myths personalized pillow case baby

Updated: 2020-04-26 19:08 Views: 82

Getting pregnant for the first time can be exciting and scary at the same time.? And it doesn’t help when well-meaning friends and family members decide it’s their responsibility to share the “wisdom” they’ve collected throughout the years.

While some of that “wisdom” can be useful, I found some of it intrusive and even a few tidbits downright bizarre.

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But my favorite pieces of advice were always silly old wives’; tales that for some reason keep popping up in online pregnancy forums and are still shared among friends.? So I thought I’d put together a few of my favorites.? But let me be clear, NONE OF THESE ARE TRUE!

So put your feet uppersonalised mothers day gifts, relax, and have a little giggle.? And if you’ve heard any particularly funny pregnancy myths…please share!!

Funny Pregnancy Myths

Well, all I have to say is that I’;m really glad I caved into my pregnancy cravings. ?Who wants to give birth to a Chic-Fil-A waffle fry!?

Collaborating with Australia's most iconic artist is a rare privilege, and we have had the honour of working with Ken Done once again this year as we celebrate our 50th anniversary.

In the early days of football, there was little consideration for the long-term health effects of the game on players. That mindset has shifted, and now technology is at the forefront of a more nuanced approach to the sport. Simply put, teams are getting smarter about keeping their players safe. How shoulder pads, helmets and beds are helping.

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