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personalised mothers day gifts Nautical Ahoy! Appliqué Pillow customized rustic pillow covers

Updated: 2019-09-23 22:21 Views: 136

We are always a little startled by how expensive simple pillows can be to purchase. Browsing online or in stores for style and embellishment options is a great way to grab an idea you can make your own! For this bold beauty, we delved into the category of Word Pillows... a perennial favorite at the trendiest boutiques; it's a style we saw multiple times in our high-end searching. The first order of business is to find a typeface that lends itself to the appliqué process, then to come up with a single word or a very short phrase that can be large and in charge on your pillow front. We provide a free downloadable template for our nautical-themed "Ahoy!" script, but there are a few billion other words out there to use. For fonts, you can check what's available within your own computer's word processing program or search online for free and paid font options. And, just as you'd need a smoothpersonalised mothers day gifts, clean surface for handwritten calligraphy, your Word Pillow also needs a good foundation. We're using a 20" x 20" Home Elegance? insert from Fairfield.?It has a dense softness that provides the perfect finish for what we want our pillow to say. Your fun fact for the day: Alexander Graham Bell preferred those answering his invention do so with the word, "Ahoy." The first telephone operators actually used this term.

We used?top quality, brand new components for this pillow... didn't dip into the ol' stash box even once! ?Yet we still came in well under $50, saving $100 over retail.?See our pillow inspiration below.

pillow cases floral

When browsing for fonts, look for a bold, simple letter shape that will be easy to cut out and stitch down. Avoid letters with a lot curves, flourishes or small lines (serifs). We used wool felt for our letters (no raveling, no need to finish the edges after we cut) and a straight stitch appliqué technique. If you are new to appliqué, check out our full, step-by-step appliqué?tutorial.?

This pillow features a back envelope closure with buttons, a technique that works on virtually any pillow size and shape, and allows you to easily remove the pillow form to launder the cover or to re-use the pillow form.

We also used the closure's elements to add a few extra dashes of color to our overall neutral palette. The topstitching, buttonholes and button stitching are all done in a contrasting red thread, and the buttons themselves are a deep navy blue.

The finishing touch is a soft rope cording for the trim to complete the nautical red, white, and blue theme. Below is the pillow collection that inspired out "knock off."

Our pillow finishes at approximately 20" x 20", excluding the rope trim.


Project Design: Alicia Thommas Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Aimee McGaffey

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