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personalised mothers day gifts Our Favorite How-Tos personalized pillow cases vintage

Updated: 2019-09-10 11:03 Views: 122

With the warm weather finally here to stay (we think), we’ve kicked into high how-to gear. So we figured it was the perfect time to look back on our favorite DIY projects of the past couple of years (stay tuned for another original DIY, coming later this week—it’s destined to become an instant hot project!), and we came up with our top five.

Which one is your fave? And which projects would you love to see on Fresh American? Sound off in the comments!

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It’s a Wash: Whitewashing Walls

It’s amazing what a little bleachpersonalised mothers day gifts, water, and white paint can do. Turn those outdated, Brady Bunch-esque paneled walls into a home-design bright spot with our easy (and we mean really easy) DIY on whitewashing.

Style Stair-Down: Stair Runner Installation

When we first ran this post in April, we were overwhelmed—in the best possible way!—with the amount of feedback we got. I guess we’re not the only ones who see the staircase as yet another piece of decorating real estate. ??

No Gardening Space? No Problem! Make Your Own Water Garden

Gardening season is here, but what to do if you don’t have the time or space for ground beds? Try your hand at this easy and adorable water garden.

Pretty Peonies: Make This Simple Flower Arrangement

If you love pink as much as we do, you probably love peonies, those sweet-and-showy early summer blooms. Here’s an idea for an amazing vase (or two or three or four) that takes less than 10 minutes to toss together and still looks totally professional.

Flag Day: Original Art in a Jiff

We’re always on the hunt for original art ideas that we can put together in an afternoon. These signal flags pack some major graphic punch, and, with their simple techniques and even simpler list of supplies, make a great project for all ages.

Want to have a Christmas tree on your desk but just can’t find enough room for a real one?

We feel your small-space pain, but also know that there’s a few tricks you can use to make your dorm or apartment feel slightly more spacious. Here, photographer Ruby June shares her favorites with us:

Promising review: "He's very cute in person and I don't know how I missed that he had a bobble head. When my friend opened it, I realized I now I have 'a thing' about bobble heads. It's hard to stop touching them. Great for anyone who digs the Star Wars or Yoda stuff." —Kae

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