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personalised mothers day gifts Stylish Storage Solutions for Your Home funny cushion covers

Updated: 2019-12-03 14:15 Views: 127

Alongside the day to day activities of keeping us warm and dry, we also require our homes to be an undercover storage container for our lives collectables. From old photos to Christmas decorations each and every one of us devises various methods to hide these things until they are then required.

As this article will discuss, this necessity for storage solutions does not have to be fulfilled with ugly plastic tubs and can in fact add to the design elements within your home.

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Before you approach updating your storage the first and most important thing to do is re-organise and sort your belongings. Drag the ‘odds and sods’ box from under the bed and separate the objects in to things that you no longer need, want to keep but don’t frequentlypersonalised mothers day gifts, and finally, things you use every day. This task immediately determines the geographical hierarchy of your belongings i.e. those that can be demoted to the loft space and those that need to be present on your desktop.

Once divided and organised you then need to decide on the most appropriate and practical way to store each group of objects. Those in loft and garage spaces are best kept in appropriately sized boxes and tubs each labelled for easy access. Those designated to more aesthetically important areas of the house, however, require more consideration:

Think Outside the Box

Although the most straightforward way, there are plenty of other more creative ways to store items than a simple cardboard or plastic box. For example, why not store board games or old magazines in a traditional chest which can also be used as a novel coffee table. Or, why not tidy your children’s shoes in to fun and decorative shoe bags suspended from their bed posts. Keep your bills and correspondence in one place by hanging an oversized cork board on your kitchen wall and painting to coordinate with your existing colour scheme. Buy some stylish vases to gather your bobbles, jewellery or coppers and arrange nicely on a shelf.

If space, funds and creative inspiration is some what limited why not consider simply smartening up your existing storage or shelving unit. Perhaps customise your units with curtain fabric . If possible display the items on your shelves in groups of three and try to distribute the colours evenly across the unit. Purchase cheap and discrete book ends to stylishly display groups of books across the shelves. Orif all else fails, choose a coordinating fabric to your décor and make a simple yet highly effective curtain to disguise your cluttered shelves from the rest of the room.

Box It Off

If after consideration boxes are still the most practical and viable way to store your belongings refrain from the boring and get creative to incorporate these storage solutions in to your design scheme. Consider covering your boxes in an appropriate fabric or wallpaper to coincide with your scheme. As well or instead of use your artistic flare to paint or mosaic labels on to the boxes in glitter paint, buttons, string, shells or dried seeds. These extra bits of effort and consideration will add a new level of chic required for storage and style to sit hand in hand in your home.

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