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personalised mothers day gifts ‘XO’ Valentine Home Decor Tutorial pillow case baby

Updated: 2020-03-03 21:53 Views: 103

So excited to introduce one of our very newest contributors this year….Taya from Eat Pray Create!! ? ?So excited to have her here with us!? (All posts written by Taya for Make It and Love It can be found HERE.)

Welcome, Taya!!! :)

pillowcase baby


. . . . .

Hi everyone, I’m Taya from I am so excited to be guest posting for my favorite Craft blog of all time ‘Make it and Love it.’ It is certainly a dream come true!

Today I’m so excited to be showing you this adorable ‘XO’ Valentine Home Decor Tutorial. It’s the perfect addition to any home during this special Holiday Month of Love!

It’s simple to make and very inexpensive. I just love filling my home with beautiful decor during the Holidays. Even betterpersonalised mothers day gifts, you can customize this adorable ‘;XO’; Valentine Decoration?simply by using colors that would match your home. Or how about making them for a Wedding decoration? How cute would that be!?

My favorite place to put these is my front porch…

They also look great on a mantel…

Isn’t it cute?!?! Let’s make one together. Here’s what you’ll need…;

Start off by arranging the little wood hearts on top of the ‘O’ letter (I used a flattened cardboard box to protect the ground while spray painting).

Spray paint about 1-2 feet away, coating the letter and the hearts well.

Once the paint has dried (about 1-2 hours later) gently remove all the wooden hearts.

Just look at how adorable that ‘;O’; is!

It makes me want to spray paint little hearts on everything I own!

Set the letter aside and lay the hearts on the cardboard.

Spray paint another coat of paint till the hearts are covered. Let dry for 1 to 2 hours. (If your hearts look well coated after spraying the first time you can skip this step).

Once the hearts are done drying, arrange them on your letter ‘X’ and heat up your glue gun.

One by one pick each heart up and put a small dab of glue on the back side and press back into place on the letter. Be careful during this step not to put too much glue on the back of your heart or it will ooze out the sides when attaching to the letter.

Let the hot glue dry and you’re all set!! You just completed your very own ‘XO’ Valentine Home Decor piece. Set them on the mantle or attach them to a wall by using some command strips.

I hope you enjoy this ‘XO’ Valentine Craft as much as I do! ?Have a very Happy Valentine’;s Day!


Be sure to visit me over on my blog:?Eat Pray Create, my?Facebook?page, and terest.

. . . . .

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